Office Design is about more than the desks, chairs, cabinets and cupboards. It’s about looking at the way work flows through the office and designing a solution that will inspire your people to be happier in their workplace and perform even better. You’ll be looking for a partner who will work with you, look at your environment, and help plan and design your solution within your budget.
We will look at your workspaces in detail, how these are currently being used, and how they may be improved through inspirational and carefully considered design.

Workflow, staff numbers and proximity, meeting rooms, hot desks, restrooms, breakout zones, reception and service areas will all be considered and kept firmly in mind throughout the planning and design of your new environment.

We will survey your proposed new premises (or workspace to be renovated) and provide you with space plans, taking into account health and safety guidelines, external and internal visuals, the best use of natural light, visitor access and waiting areas and delivery entry points. Building and Fire Regulations will also be considered and your personal preferences taken account of.

Our office design team will consult with you to establish colour schemes that best suit the aims, aspirations and budget of your concept. Thoughtful use of colour, finishes, fittings and textiles can help inspire your people and encourage them to be happier and more productive in their working environment. Our team will provide samples of fabrics and finishes, colours and colour combinations, furniture and fitments, all carefully chosen to help provide this inspirational effect.

The office design and space planning elements will then be brought together to give you a design that brings your vision to life, while remaining faithful to your concept and aims.