The process of procuring office products needs some strong management attention. A lot of purchasing decisions are made at a junior level, concentrating on product price and without an understanding of the total costs associated with purchasing.

OPPS, our unique Office Products Procurement System targets overall cost, improves efficiency and focuses on the introduction of effective management controls.

Many of our clients enjoy savings of between 15% and 40% after the introduction of OPPS – this saving is pure bottom line profit.

How can this be achieved?
Few companies consider hidden costs. Without management controls, for an organisation spending £1000 on office supplies, the true cost is probably nearer to £2000. The additional hidden cost comes from waste, pilferage, obsolescence and administrative costs..
Our web based OPPS procurement system could reduce the amount you spend by as much as 40% by  controlling procurement overheads and that saving is pure profit.

Where do we start?
A comprehensive analysis of your current office supplies purchasing arrangements and procedures is essential to establish where savings might lie. This gathers the data that will allow OPPS to deliver benefits which include:

Reduced administration costs – All areas of the procurement process are streamlined

Stock level optimisation – stock what you need and turn excess stock in to cash

Introduction of management control – reduce waste and pilferage and eliminate obsolescence

Reliable management information – help make informed decisions

Core tailored product list – making sure that your regular item core list is up to date

Cost centre accounting – makes individual departments responsible for budgets

Single Monthly Invoice – frees up costly administrative staff

Our detailed analysis audit and cost savings proposal are free of charge, please call us now to book our audit team