Image 1: Bench 2

A comprehensive system of desking, storage and screening. The range has clean lines, gives an uncluttered feel and is aesthetically pleasing. This is a cost Effective System which is ideal for cable management requirements. Options are available to suit open plan options, managerial and casual applications.

Image 2: A1 Legs

The range has a metal structure desk design concept with shared front and side legs. Helps to acheieve an optimum budget with a reduced number of legs. Flexible layouts are achievable for a reduced outlay and optional personalised equipment is available.

Image 3: A2 Legs

A high tech feel with a raised desk top, the A2 range has a high quality finish with a rectangular single piece arched leg. Select your design with or without infill panels on the legs. Optimise and manage your desk footprint to match changes in your organisation. Also comes with an optional ergonomic technical pack for your well being at work.